20 games reviewed in 1 sentence

I make games but I also play a lot. Both struggle for my time and I always feel guilty for neglecting one if I do the other. Now that is a first world problem.

I also try to avoid reviews. I like to be surprised and like my bias to be clean. Also: some reviews are too long to read. I have a solution. Make it shorter. It’s crazy to try to capture all a game has to offer with so little words but life is short so here are 20 game reviews with one sentence:

Batman Arkham City
The stylistic stew of all the comics and movies plus some fitting and solid mechanics give you the empowering feeling that you are indeed the batman.

Mass Effect 3
Tough choices make this compelling a game with just above average action mechanics and a great initial ending because closure is bullshit.

I gleefully sneaked around guards that are too stupid for me to believe in a beautiful world that could do with less obvious and ever-present detours.

Dead Space 2
A game with an unbelievably uncomfortable environment that doesn’t understand it could be twice as scary if it showed half as many monsters.

The package of music,lore,people,landscape and simple mechanics will warmly welcome me inside its world for years to come.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier 
This game strikes a weird balance between being challenging while also making me feel unfairly powerful with all the gadgets.

Swords and Sworcery
Sometimes I don’t get what’s going on but sometimes there’s the joy of being a kid looking at a picture book in a foreign language.

Super Lemonade Factory
Pretty, clever and so tough as nails you’d almost give up on the humor and back-story.

Seamless? yes, Gorgeous? Very much, Harmless multiplayer? yes, good job but it’s also bordering boredom.

Resident Evil 6
The most tragic victim of gearsofwar-ification keeps true to its roots and fun for the first 6 hours and rots to action set-pieces after that.

Tokyo Zoo
The neat translation of survival into simple mechanics works so well that under its fast clock I really am focused on staying alive primarily.

LA Noire
I still feel like the viewer instead of the detective but it’s fun to guess who did it while unravaling the plot and with a setting as great as this one it’s a comfy slowride.

Sleeping Dogs
Kicking, Driving, Shooting, It’s all there and some are done better than other but where the hell is proper climbing and why do I have to punish a girl that supposedly cheated on me?

XCOM Enemy Unknown
With its meticulous structure of sliders and paths the ultimate simulation of war with all its gripping losses and treasured victories.

Uncharted 3
1 in every 4 ledges Drake grabs will almost fall through in the game with impressive setpieces and a guy that sure smiles a lot considering the number of people he kills.

Deus Ex Human Revolution
A warm coat of techy music, architecture and gold hues make this a sneaker that’s comfy and solid even in the darkest alleys but don’t mention the boss battles.

Alan Wake
A true shame for such a cool plot and my favorite setting to exhibit mechanics that makes sense but bore when feeling this repetitive.

Mark of the Ninja
So much blackness that I can’t play it in daylight but a true ninja works at night and has fun with the stealth elements in doing so.

Duel of the Planeswalkers 2013
No idea how it plays for newcomers but after 15 years of playing Magic there is so much fun to be had even if it was just for finding the exploits in the AI.

Army of Two; the 40th Day
One of the leads sums it up with “ow come on!” after we see a crashing chopper block the way because there is only so much action I can take and this game paces it decently plus apologizes with humor for where it falls short.

Note that I played more games than this. I’m saving some for the next time.
And yes: We are finally done shooting the trailer for Paper vs Paper.We are editing it all right this moment. Sit tight.

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