10 Single sentence game reviews (part 3)

Yup. Even after all the time I spend on making Penarium and Mutant Gangland I still have the energy to play games when I come home. How can I not? It’s fun! Here are some reviews. I’ll keep it short. I did this before. Here are part 1  and part 2.

y3aehtValiant Hearts
A warm and stylish visual coat laid over a set of mechanics that somehow just not represent the game’s story in any way.

Shadow Of Mordor
Being a powerful death machine is hardly ever challenging but does invoke creative sadist planning and that’s fun.

A muddy maze of a city sucked me in and made me forget that it sadly falls short as a stealth game, But only for so long.

Assassin’s Creed; Black Flag
It’s telling that the series’ sidestep to sailing and pirating is more fun than any of the series’ trademark mechanics.

Wolfenstein New Order
Cut scenes and characters well above standards on top of a shooting game that is simple, Brutal, And effective.

Steamworld Dig
Digging deeper and growing stronger is compelling enough even without its lovely setting.


An undemanding mellow stream of impulse with always something new to walk to and always some new to hear.

Sniper Elite III
Strong alert guards that see you from the corner of their eyes plus open levels make this the ultimate stealth game.

After a while the wonderful illusion of a pulsing techno world falls apart and a solid superstructure of minigames remains.

With short matches and twists at every turn this could be the card game of the future.

That was it. Also; Somewhere long ago I apparently had the time to play Fallout. Take a good look at this lifetime achievement. Yup. That’s a lot of hours. I’m amazed by how proud I am of this. Achievements really do feel like achievements to me.


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