Paper Tank Thundremoar is out

Finally. Paper model kit Thundremoar is out! It’s my biggest (and admittedly second) paper project so far and I am very happy with it. Let’s take a look.

What’s different from the last project is that this is a glue kit and that it is bigger and more elaborate. Not just the more detailed figure figure itself, but everything around it too. All of this comes from a number of inspirations. The origin was the idea to make a Thundercats Thunder Tank with PS1 era low poly shapes. From there the red line was 90s colourful and loud toy aesthetics. It’s a full mix but I like to believe it works. The instruction booklet is packed with lore that expands the Mutant Gangland world

When designing the package I got the chance to let go of restraints and dive into the xtreme 90s. Here ‘too much’ and ‘too loud’ are a virtue. It was an outlet for my nostalgia. Young me always stood in toy stores gazing at toy boxes. I soaked up a lot of imagery and it’s all coming out. The art had to be done by someone who was very good at tanks and robots and that dude was Ksen. At first I was anxious for the result because I have difficulty letting go of control but the result blew my socks off.

The early decision to make the toy twice as large as originally intended paid off. It’s hard to communicate how huge (the size of a hand?) it is but it just feels powerful. I think people will be surprised by that.

All pre-orders have been shipped and I’m curious about the reception. Of the two versions pink seems to be the favourite by around 70%. These are my babies so I will obviously say I love them both equally but yes pink is my favorite.

Price slashing code “THUNDRELESS’ still counts and you can get Thundremoar here.

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